MasterBlend El Diablo Truckmount - Propane Heat

MasterBlend El Diablo Truckmount - Propane Heat
Item# MAST-EQ-300001

Product Description

MasterBlend El Diablo Truckmount Propane Heat

Van & machine $659.00 / month.

This is Kohler 27HP powered El-Diablo machines. 2010 GM 2500 van, 4.8L engine

Financing: 72 months, one half of machine down, $7,997.50 with approved credit.

Use the monthly payment figure for comparison purposes. Factory incentives, dealer incentives, rebates, van accessories, finance options and term length often but not always result in lower monthly payments than shown here.

El Diablo 45 Truckmount Carpet Cleaner powered by Kohler

Simple is better. If you ever owned a truck mount before--SIMPLE IS GOOD!

Everything is easily accessible and spaced for easy access--chemical feed is directly through the pump and adjustment through the flow meter (no chemical diaphragm pump)--no heat exchangers to challenge your waste tank with bypass dumping of hot water or a diverter valve with solenoids and moving parts to perplex your distributor's service department as to what is wrong with this thing!

The El Diablo weighs approximately 600 pounds and can be mounted in either the rear or side of a van. A rear installation allows a vacuum hose reel to set next to the unit, leaving the rest of the van open.

Powerful: A 27 HP Kohler V-Twin engine directly driving a Roots 4.5 Whispair Dual Splash Lubricated blower. The New Dual Splash Lubrication features oil lubrication on both the gear end AND drive end. ROOTS exclusive figure-eight gearbox design improves oil distribution to maximize gear and bearing life. Sight glasses are provided for accurate oil level confirmation. NO MORE GREASING THE BLOWER!

The waste tank vacuum regulating system is controlled by a mechanical Kunkle valve limiting relief to 14" of mercury and preventing vacuum and airflow loss before reaching full load of 14" of mercury. This unique vacuum relief system allows long hose runs of 500 to 700 feet and dual wand cleaning with performance rivaling units with 4.7 to 5.6 blowers units that cost $20,000 plus! Provides outstanding water extraction capabilities.

High Quality means using the very best components that are industry proven:

  • Kohler V-Twin 27 h.p. engine is the best engine in overall performance andtorque.
  • Roots 4.5 blower is the industry leader in reliability and quietness.
  • Cat 3CP pump with a clutch is simply the best in the industry.
  • The 70 gallon waste tank is stainless steel and guaranteed for 10 years. The waste tank features an aluminum waste basket for easy maintenance and an automatic pump out option.

No other truck mount has better heat than an El Diablo!
  • 125,000 BTU propane heater allows for heating up to 800 psi.

    Here's what you get:
  • El Diablo Carpet cleaning unit.
  • 125 feet of high quality vacuum.
  • 125 feet of high pressure solution hose with cut off switch.
  • 50 feet of good quality fresh water hose.
  • Stainless steel wand with 1,200 psi valve, 2 jets sized at 11003.
  • 10 gallon belly mounted propane tank with the propane heater
  • El Diablo/Propane: 65" L X 35" W X 42.5"
  • Battery case.
  • Extra pump belt, pre-installed.
  • Drain hose assembly.
  • Free system orientation.
  • Warranty